Miss Nancy Welcomes You to the Loring Library!

     This is my third year as Loring's Librarian. I joined the Loring Staff as Associate Educator/Media Resource on September 24, 2013. My library career includes several years at Calvin Christian School in Blaine and then public library service as Children's Reference for the Anoka County Library System.   I enjoyed a year  with Minnesota Reading Corps in 2011-2012. Last year I facilitated Loring's first SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Seminar.

     At the end of March, 2014, Loring Community School was selected by the Heart of America Foundation to receive a Target School Library Makeover!  This makeover included new carpet, paint, shelving, tables, chairs - a complete classroom with Promethean Board and an iPad cart with 25 iPads.Our library collection was enriched by over 2000 new books.


 All classes come to the Library once a week on a regular schedule. This is a time of discovery and exploration of resources and book check-out. I think of the library as a "curiosity classroom"!  Students will be keeping a journal this year as we explore and discover. 

     The blog "Hubbub and Blurt" is my ongoing "booktalk" for the Loring Library. Enjoy the posts and look for the titles, authors and illustrated featured. Your comments are welcome. 

     The Loring Library collection is dedicated to supplement the resource requirements of Loring's curriculum and students' reference.The Library also supplies a variety of books to encourage reading for pleasure and practice.

     Watch our Library transform from the old to the new in the Slide Show below! 

We loved our old library and have many good memories. This section was the 900s - it was very crowded and hard to browse. The Early Readers have a special new spot -- look for them in the new library! Our old library reading table, remember? These bulletin boards are still out in the Waterfall Hall -- the art teacher is going to put up something special this week -- watch for it! Remember choosing books from these shelves? I hope they are good memories... We still have our amazing arched window but that yellow color of paint is gone. The boxes wait to be filled! The books are put in the boxes for summer storage. All taped up and ready to go to the Music Room for the summer. Boxes of books are stacked everywhere. Empty shelves, full boxes. There were 535 boxes in Mr. Heim's room all summer. The work crew removes the carpet. No more carpet! The floors are sanded and prepared for new carpet. Here are some of the colors for our new library. These colors are named Mystical Grape, Apple Green, Mandarin Orange and Seafoam. The yellow and blue are all covered up! The painter started with the color named "Mystical Grape"! Here's one of the new carpet squares. Installing the new carpet! Look at our new colorful hallway floor! I named this area "Waterfall Hall". That reddish area is for listening to stories and sharing our circle times. Trucks arrived with deliveries all summer. This is the delivery of the shelves! A crew of four carpenters worked several days to build the shelves and put them in place. You can see the librarian's desk in the background and the black curtain! Our new chairs! Now the boxes of books come back from storage. Filling the shelves means emptying the boxes! It is a library again! All the shelves of books need attention before they are ready for students. Do you think these shelves look great?  I do. Recycling! The library is "in progress" behind this black plastic curtain. On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, we will take the curtain down and have a big celebration! Transforming a library takes a TEAM! Thank you to Heart of America Foundation and Target for enriching Loring School with this amazing gift!