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April 24, 2017
As we get closer to our Math MCA test, I'd like you to spend some time with your child on one or both of the game sites below. They can be found on the Loring Homepage. Your child has navigated to them in class and will be able to show you the steps. Just in case your child forgets a step, here they are:

>left sidebar, in blue, third grade games >in blue font, choose a game >at center of screen, again in blue, The Game

Math Playground
(ignore the add at the top)
Go to the colored boxes for game choices. Math facts, fractions, geometry are especially good for your child as we sharpen skills for the test.

Testing Schedule for 206:
April 18- MCA Reading
April 28- MCA Math
May 1- MCA make-up/finish day
May 16- FAST Reading/Math



Home Supports are: 
Any work you do at home with your child, supports her academic success. You support your child by asking questions and listening to his responses. Reading our web pages supports your child. Your support at home is your greatest work. Most Home Supports given by me are not meant to be returned. Occasionally I am interested in the return of some work. Most often that work is to be used in a lesson at a later date. If I am looking for a returned assignment your child will have placed a yellow dot in the top, right corner. I am always willing to see what you have done, if you wish to share. I do not grade the work. Please consider any work you do as critical to the success of your child. I am very aware of the work you are doing at home. Your child talks about you all the time! 

Please keep lines of communication open through your efforts of reading these web pages, looking in backpacks, asking questions, posing concerns and compromising when it all seems too challenging. I promise to do the same.
That's all for now-


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