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June 1, 2017
Please see our team page for more dates. You can also check out our Loring Page for a complete listing of events planned for the final days of the 2016-2017 School Year!

As a way to experience real life economics, 206 is using a Lemonade Stand to show the relationship between goods and services, supply and demand, producer and consumer and other terms such as: community, loans, fundraiser, seed money and donation. We invite you to bring money to school on Thursday, June 8th to purchase lemonade. There will be a stand set up at student lunch times, another near door 9 at parent pick up time and even a stand on wheels; able to move to where the thirsty people are! We are raising money to donate to the African Development Center. ADC is an organization working hard to bring quality of life to the African immigrant and refugee community living here in MN. They give loans to people trying to get a small business up and running- among other things. All procedes from our stands will be directly donated to this wonderful work.
Our third graders began talking about the idea after reading a book about "Kojo", a young boy who began a tiny egg business in Western Africa with coins from his mother. A true story, it enthralled the kids and spured them on to find a way to make and give money to someone trying to make a better life for him or herself. With seed money donated from their own piggy banks, we collected $13. 88 to buy ingredients and supplies for a lemonade stand. Additionally, we will use our very own Kids Cook recipe for rhubarb lemonade and sweeten it with honey- in honor of our newest members to the Loring Community! Please consider coming for a cup of our delicious drink. Our cups are .50 for kids and $1 for adults. Of course, any donation is happily accepted!



Home Supports are: 
Any work you do at home with your child, supports her academic success. You support your child by asking questions and listening to his responses. Reading our web pages supports your child. Your support at home is your greatest work. Most Home Supports given by me are not meant to be returned. Occasionally I am interested in the return of some work. Most often that work is to be used in a lesson at a later date. If I am looking for a returned assignment your child will have placed a yellow dot in the top, right corner. I am always willing to see what you have done, if you wish to share. I do not grade the work. Please consider any work you do as critical to the success of your child. I am very aware of the work you are doing at home. Your child talks about you all the time! 

Please keep lines of communication open through your efforts of reading these web pages, looking in backpacks, asking questions, posing concerns and compromising when it all seems too challenging. I promise to do the same.
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