Welcome to Room 201

Room 202 Families- 

Whew!  Time flies they say and that is definitely true for 3rd grade at  Loring Elementary.  We are not at count down stage, but this school year is quickly coming to an end too soon! 

Room 202 Happenings: 


We have been working with Pollinate Minnesota to learn about bees, bee keeping, and pollination.  Room 202 got rained out today, but will be meeting our bees and checking out the hives next Thursday, May 18. 



We have been working with a Folk Tales Unit in literacy class. Since spring break we've explored the elements and characteristics of fairy tales, pourquoi tales, and now tall tales.  Ask your kiddo about what makes each genre unique? 


Energy and Matter--- who knew they could be so much fun to learn about and there is SO much to learn and explore.  Room 202 has enjoyed a lot of hands on time with this science unit!


We've wrapped up the MCA math and reading testing for 3rd grade.  Room 202 students will take their final FAST assessment for math and reading on Monday, May 15.  All students will be doing their CBM assessment on Tuesday, May 16 which gives us their rate of reading fluency. 

Music Residency: 

Students are finalizing and rehearsing their original 3rd grade song with Mr. Kyle, aka Kyle Rucker.  They have enjoyed working through this residency.  We also have our final school wide concert with his musicians this Friday, May 12 from 9:15-10:15am. You are welcome to join us. 


Dates to Know: 

May 19: School Carnival 

May 22: Kids Cook for 3rd grade. Planting Day! 

May 24: Field Day for grades 3-5.  All afternoon 

May 29: No School, Memorial Day 

June 2: 3rd grade field trip to Flint Hills International Children's Festival at the Orway! 

June 2: Science Showcase Evening at Loring 

Home Work: 

Reading: Students are expected to turn in 3-4 Written Responses to their reading per week.  Several students have "graduated" to book reports after showing their proficiency with paragraphs.

Spelling:  Students will come home with their "word sorts" each week.  They can practice these words by:  sorting the words by spelling pattern, doing a word hunt for similar words, writing the words in sentences, writing each word 3 times, finding rhyming words and taking practice spelling tests with someone at home.  Spelling tests are each Friday.

Math:  Ms. Tomihiro sends home math home each week which should be returned. 



If you have questions, please email me at:


Or call me at 612-668-2060. 






* Check out the Loring Family Facebook page for more events and dates! 









PDF Written Response template- Fiction and NonFiction   --  templates for students to use in response to their reading at home.
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