Have a Great Summer!

Things to do over summer.... 




Engage in real life math:  cooking with measurements, telling time and elapsed time, money, shopping.... 

Relax.... run....bike....swim..... 



What about homework?

Literacy:  Please support and encourage your child to read 20 minutes daily and then use the written response logs to write about and react to their reading. I am looking for 4 written responses turned in by Thursday of each week.  I remind students throughout the week to get their written response forms from our Literacy Folder so they are prepared to complete homework.  It is their responsibility to get those forms and return them.  Students meeting the goal of 4 responses will be invited to a lunch bunch in the classroom on Thursdays. 

Regarding math..... I will not be sending home math homework sheets/packets as a class.  There are several skills families can work on with their students to build number sense and math skills. I will be addressing individuals and their math practice needs at conferences in a couple of weeks.  We have been working on adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers, rounding, and place value.  Next unit will focus on equal groups- early multiplication work.  Also, it is clear from classwork, many 3rd graders are in need of work with clocks/time and money.  

* Practice Addison and math facts from 1-20.  Students developing automaticity with these skills have an easier time as math problems become more complex. 

* Practice telling time on an analog clock... they still need to know this skill in a digital world. 

* Skip count with your child. Count by 2s, 3s, 5s or 10s.  Need more of a challenge?  Try 6s....7s....9s.  This builds number sense and helps them with their multiplication facts. (this is coming!) 

* Ask real life story problems.  Like:  There are 5 of us that want a DQ treat.  We have $20 to spend.  What is the most each person can spend if we spend evenly?  Does that include tax?  What is a "tax"?  (Now you are working on economics too! ) 

* Cooking is a great way to expose kids to measurements.  Is 1/2 more or less than 1/4?  Which is bigger?- a teaspoon or a table spoon.   How many pints in a quart? quarts in a gallon?  

* Elapsed Time.... .  "If it is 4:30 now and we need to leave in 1 1/2 hours, what time do we need to leave?  


Please feel free to stop in or call anytime with questions or concerns.  I believe in team work between home and family for student success.  

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PDF Written Response template- Fiction and NonFiction   --  templates for students to use in response to their reading at home.