Science News

Science is BIG in third grade. It is a good thing they love it because much is expected of them!

Each of the four units have specific learning targets tied to the area of study.
Embedded in all units is a long list of additional expectations.
Please keep these in mind when you are working on anything science related at home. The work you do can only serve to grow your child's scientific mind and habits.

Here is that list:
-provide evidence to support claims
-generate scientific questions
-recognize the outcome of a science investigation done the same way under the same conditions
-record and explain observations and procedures
-construct explanations based on evidence
-explain how people of all cultures have used scientific inquiry and engineering to understand the natural world recognize that men and women of all ages and backgrounds have contributed to different types of science and engineering work
-select and use the appropriate tool when making observations and collecting data
-explain how engineered products and services impact our natural world
-explain how an engineering design solution solves problems
-plan how to solve a problem using the engineering design process
-test and evaluate engineering design solutions
-communicate results after testing and evaluating an engineering solution