Social Studies




    Unit 2 --- Social Studies --- My Community USA
    In this unit the students will learn important aspects of the United States government including its founding principles of democracy and individual rights. They will learn about the important services provided by the government and how taxes pay for such services. They will further learn the different branches of government and their roles and how individuals and groups act to shape the world around them.




    Learning Targets
      I can describe how individual rights and democracy shape life in the United States. 

    2.2  I can describe the importance of services provided by the government. 

    2.3  I can explain how government services are funded by taxes and fees. 

    2.4  I can identify the three branches of government (executive, judicial and legislative) and explain their roles 

    2.5  I can explain how the actions of individuals or groups helped shape the world around them.

    2.6  I can give examples of individual or groups having had an impact on world history.