Talent Development/Advanced Academics - 2016-2017

May, 2017

If your child was newly identified this year the report card will show that additional classification. It will not, though, be marked in the AL field. The Advanced Learner field at the bottom of the report card will give you an idea of "things to come" for next year. Your child's teacher is your first contact because he/she knows your child best. I am available to join you at any time and any situation in which you may need support.

I am available during the summer, via email, if you find you have questions. In the fall of 2017, I will host an informational meeting so that you can meet other parents, talk about hopes and dreams for your child and get a better sense of what to expect for the school year.

Have a lovely summer and remember: You are your child's best teacher and all you have done at home has been the greatest contribution to this new identification! Keep up that most important effort. 

There are often questions about identification around, How?, Who?, Why?, When? If you have a question, please contact me. You are also more than welcome to contact the Department itself. You may go to the MPS website and find more answers to your questions on the TDAL Department page (in right sidebar, too!). It can all be quite confusing and sometimes even frustrating. I can and will help. I am just an email, call or visit away! 


If you are looking for workshops aimed at Advanced Learners and their families, check out:


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Heidi Begin