Open House & Ice Cream Social
Peace / Anti-Bully Assembly
Green Eggs and Ham
Farm2School Taste Test
Peace Party - October
Peace Party - November
Footlights! Guthrie Theatre - A Christmas Carol
Footlights! Alena Sings Adelaide's Lament | Tony's Bread
Holiday on 44th
Footlights! Rudolph
High Five Gingerbread Houses
December Music Concerts K-4
George & Martha - Grade 2
Exploratory Day / Peace Party
Grade 4 Science Museum Camp-In
PALA Kick-off
yumPOWER Assembly / Pajama Day
Countries Around the World - Ms. Pullappally's Third Grade Students
Health Powered Kids
Peace Party - April
Hugo's Farm - High Five & Kindergarten
Horse Camp - Grade 5
Footlights! Garden Reception and Performance of Tops & Bottoms
Science Fair
Band Concert - Grade 5
Field Day K–5
Field Day - High Five
Riverboat / North Regional Park Field Trip - Grade 1
Community Service Members Visit High Five
Peace Party - June
Talent Show
Peace Parade / Farewell