Open House & Ice Cream Social
First Day of School Assembly - Grades 1-5
Grade 1 Time Capsules (to be opened in 2015)
Loring Bully Buster Day Assembly
Peace Party - September
Big River Journey - Grades 4/5
Native American / Harvest Celebration - Grade 5
Peace Party - October
Footlights! SteppingStone Theatre - Little Bird That Was Caught
Turkey Bingo
Footlights! Prepare for Anansi Saves Antelope
Holiday on 44th
Footlights! Anansi Saves Antelope
Grade 3 Minne-Loppet Ski Practice
MN Zoo - Grade 5
December Choir Concerts K-5
Spirit Days - Pajamas, Crazy Hair and Hats
Exploratory Day / Peace Party - December
Physics Force Show / Peace Party - January
Toby represents Loring - District Spelling Bee
Check it Out District Chess Tournaments
yumPOWER / Radio Disney
Spaghetti Dinner / Bingo for Books
Footlights! Read-a-thon Kickoff
Zakary lends a hand to help find Sir Reads-a-lot
Peace Party - March
Footlights! Visit Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre
Irish Dance Team Performs in the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Camp Audubon Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser
Footlights! Read-a-thon Conclusion: Sir Reads-a-lot is found!
Peace Party - April
Loring Wellness Committee Plant Trees at Webber Park
Spring Music Concerts
Field Day - AM H5, Kindergarten, Grade 1
Field Day - Grades 2-5
Footlights! Britt Jackson Speaks
Science Fair
Minnesota Reading Corps - Year End Celebration
ELL Family Picnic
Peace Party - June
Viktor Assembly
Talent Show
Peace Parade / Farewell