Loring Garden Refresh from Target
Bees At Loring!
Safety Patrols Are Ready to Serve!
Black Male Literacy Leaders
2nd & 5th Graders Reading Together
Turkey BINGO!
Holiday on 44th!
December Peace Parties
National Theater for Children visit Loring!
Hat Day
5th Grade Loring Zoo
Backwards Day
S. Paul Chamber Orchestra Musician Visit
Exploratory Day
Jr. GEMS Meet Mayor Jacob Frey
Crazy Hair Day
January Peace Parties - K & 2nd
Pajama Day
Loring Student's Art Work is Showcased!
National African American Family Involvement Day
Black Male Literacy Field Trip
Spaghetti Dinner & Bingo For Books
Como Zoo - Kindergarten Field Trip
Carnival Fun
Field Day - High Five, Kinder & 1st Grade
Field Day - 2nd - 5th
Bike Night at Loring
Irish Dance Goes to Canada!
Community Involvement Day
Showcase Evening
Patrick Henry Grads walk through Loring
Rocket Launch - Mr. G's & Mr. Mantra's Class
June Peace Parties
High Five Celebrations! AM & PM
Variety Show
Last Day Celebrations & Peace Parade