Welcome to Ms. Archie's Kindergarten Class!!

Dear Parents:

I would like to welcome you and your child to Loring Community School.  My name is Diane Archie.  I am looking forward to a fun and exciting new school year at Loring.

This will be my 28th year teaching for Minneapolis Public Schools.  I have taught several different grades during my career from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  The majority of my time has been spent in Kindergarten.  Helping young children get a good and positive educational experience is what motivates me to be a Kindergarten teacher.

I have two grown daughters.  My older daughter got married ten years ago.  She also is a teacher.  She teaches high school English.  She has two children.  She has a daugher who is 6 and a son who is 7 months old.  My second daughter is the proud mother of three of my grandsons.  I strongly believe in the excellent education students receive at Loring.  Because of this belief, all three of my grandsons have attended Loring.  Two have graduated from Loring and one will be in fifth grade this year. 

I received my Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University in May 2013.  In my spare time I enjoy SHOPPING, going for walks around Lake Nokomis with my dog Yankee, reading, going to movies and especially spending time with my grandchildren and dog.

My dream for this year is that the students in my classroom will develop a love of learning.  This I hope will be achieved through their growth socially, emotionally and academically throughout the year.

Please feel free to contact me through e-mail or by school telephone:

          612-668-2060, Loring School

I am looking forward to meeting and working with all my students and their families this year.