Area Learning Center (ALC)
Math and Reading Support
Mon & Tues: 2nd Grade Reading & Math, 3rd Grade Reading & Math
Wed & Thurs: 4/5 Reading & Math

Loring School is highly focused on academics and has a history of challenging all students to learn. Third, fourth, and fifth grade students take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) in the spring. These math and reading tests are critical to the student’s future in school. It demonstrates they are learning at a rate that is on track with high school graduation. Our expectation is that all students will pass the test, graduate from high school, and then have many choices available to them including college or vocational trade schools.

Our after-school program provides additional support for second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students. The classes focus on reading and math, however, students also receive additional technology and/or physical education time. The teachers are Loring staff and the curriculum is designed to help students pass these important tests.