Alexus W. 2009

On Friday (November 20, 2009), at 1st grade lunch and recess, I noticed that Alexus W. was sitting on the bench at recess looking very sad.  I asked her what was wrong and the tears started pouring out as she told me that she had accidentally thrown her plastic sandwich container away in the lunchroom.  I asked our engineer, Gene Hooper, if there was any way we could retrieve it, but he thought it was too late.  I told Alexus the sad news, but that our engineer would still try to find it.

One of our teachers, Krista Lima, overheard our exchange and happened to be in the lunchroom during last lunch when a still tearful Alexus came in to ask Gene if he had been able to find her container.  Krista pointed them out to me, and even though we felt bad for Alexus, the scene was so darn cute that we had to smile...

On Monday morning, I asked Alexus at breakfast if everything was okay, and she said, yes - her mom didn't even get mad at her. When I told Gene about it later, I found out that he had bought 2 new sandwich containers for Alexus.  He asked if I would please give them to her.  I brought them to her room and told her that our wonderful engineer, Mr. Hooper, had felt so bad that he wanted to replace her lost container with 2 new ones.  She was very happy and promised to thank him.

I just want to say, THANK YOU Mr. Hooper, for going the extra mile and making a very grateful little 1st grader very happy!!!  ~Donna Uggla