Art Teacher

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My name is Lindsey Baldwin and I am the visual arts teacher at Loring!

 Coming from a family of artists made it easy for me to land in teaching at the University of Iowa.  I graduated first in photography and added teaching.  I am starting my 12th year in teaching spending the last 5 years at Loring. 

At home my husband and I are proud of our son Willem entering Kindergarten and daughter Amelia in her final year of preschool. 

It is such a delight to teach art on a four-day rotation to your children for 55 minutes.  Studio time is so valuable in order to create, discover, explore visual art.  I have a passion for art history, plaster, clay, pencil, and color which might be evident in my messy classroom! 

Community is important to me and so I spend part of my time displaying student work around the school, at Emily’s Restaurant, and various Davis Center Shows.