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Loring Schoolyard Garden Fair and Potluck Picnic
Children learn to can and preserve fruits and vegetables.
Home baked Pie Auction for Kids Cook Classroom
working in garden
green chili
Peppers, Tomatoes and Corn

At the fair children will harvest vegetables from Loring Schoolyard Garden and display them in market baskets and bags.

In this "showing and growing" exhibit, Kids cook gardeners will give you a garden tour and sell fresh picked vegetables.

outdoors cooking

Robin Krause

Add excitement to our picnic tomorrow night, bid on a home baked pie!
Even if you can't attend the picnic make a donation to Kids Cook. 
This summer we have served 350 children healthy picnic lunches from the garden. 
Your donation helps purchase ingredients from farmers, farmers markets and coops to make healthy snacks and classroom lunches throughout the fall and winter.

Start the Bid:  Email  kidscookclassroom@gmail.com
We will add your bid to the pie auction!
Make a tax deductible donation to Kids Cook
Loring Community School
Send to 2600 44th Avenue North
              Minneapolis, Minnesota


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in the gardenThe last few weeks, children have been harvesting sun-ripened fruits, vegetables and  fragrant herbs from the Loring Schoolyard Garden.  With this produce, children 4 to 13 years old worked together making pickles, chutney, pesto and mustard getting ready for tomorrows' schoolyard fair.  Berries have been picked and tomorrow morning  friends and neighbors are baking pies for the Kids Cook Pie Auction!

Tomorrow, August 16th we celebrate in the garden with a Schoolyard Fair and Potluck Picnic.  The fair begins at 5:00 and rain or shine we will have garden tours, market basket exhibits and good things to eat!

Throughout the evening we will play games in the schoolyard while our neighbors play the cello and flute in the vegetable garden.  Children will display and market fresh picked vegetables and sell their preserves.

After supper, fruit pies will go up for auction.  This is our last picnic of the
season so join us at the fair!  If you are unable to attend, start the bid to
support Kids Cook Classroom.

robin krause
Pickles, Salsa and Pesto

Cucumbers to Pickles, Basil, Mint and Parsley make Pesto.
Elber, Josue and Ebelin
with the chickens

Picnic and Schoolyard Garden Fair
                                    SUNDAY, AUGUST 16TH

                      Gather at 5:00  for the garden tour and exhibits

Kids Cook will provide Grilled Corn on the Cob and Heirloom Tomatoes
Coriander Chicken Drumsticks
Watermelon Limeade

Friends and neighbors will bake berry, rhubarb, peach and apple pies.
We will bid on these pies and eat them together.   $50.00 minimum bid.
                                     Throughout the evening       
                                     Relays in the schoolyard
                   Music in the garden by Evan and Deidre Murnane