Vision Statement

The environment is the blackboard for the Center's educational programs; the common ground that brings us together with the natural world and people from around the globe to share our concerns for one another and the future.  It is through positive and shared experience that we hope can affect the values and actions of our people to create a world of harmonious diversity.

Mission Statement

To protect, improve, and promote the enjoyment of the natural environment through formal and informal educational programs and research; to assist and encourage environmental programs, centers, and careers.


  • Expand environmental education programming to meet the increased needs of multi-cultural and disabled students.
  • Function as an educational institution providing leadership in professional, volunteer, and pre-professional growth and development in environmental education.
  • Develop a residential environmental education learning center complex to meet the environmental education needs of Minnesota schools.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of the State of Minnesota's education plan and graduation standards.

Map & Directions to Camp Audubon