Curriculum Summary


Students may bring a book of their choice to school every day for independent reading time.  There are also books available for use in our classroom as well as through the school library.  We will be using the Reader’s Workshop model of instruction, allowing for whole group, small group, and independent work time.  We will center our work around the Benchmark Advance curriculum.


Students will be using writing in a variety of ways this year.  Students will write opinion pieces, informative texts (research papers), narratives, news articles and more.  Students will be expected to follow the writing process to create finished, published pieces.  We will also be focusing on growing students’ use of writing as a reflective tool and will be increasing students’ use of writing as a way to learn. Word work will be intertwined into all subjects through vocabulary study.


5th grade math focuses on multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers, adding and subtracting fractions and decimals, identifying and representing patterns, understanding equations and inequalities, geometry of two and three-dimensional figures, and interpreting data.  Math becomes more complex in 5th grade, involving multi-step problems.  If your student is struggling with their facts, this would be a great skill to focus on improving at home.

Social Studies:  

In fifth grade we study the birth of America!  We start out the year learning about the first Americans and end the year studying the documents of democracy.


Fifth grade science touches on force and motion, simple machines, the changing surface of our Earth, human effects on natural systems, and the ways that nature functions.  Science is always active, with lots of experiments, projects, and demonstrations. We also have the benefit of access to our wonderful school garden to support our learning.