A Joyous Season Filled With Gratitude!

         Kids Cook Classroom is grateful for all that is given
                                throughout the year.
Thank you for the Children that tend the Loring Schoolyard Garden.
Thank you for the Sunshine that makes us all feel "Happy".
To the Farmers that shared seeds, straw and their spirit with us!
To all of the People who have hope for us!
To the Rain that cleanses our hearts and souls.
To the Bees, for pollinating our flowers that become our food!
Thank you for the animals that calm us, cheer us, and comfort us!
Cheers to Tyrra, Nicole, Hanna and Charlie who volunteer each season with us.
To our Friends, whom so graciously support us with donations, their spirit and   talent, ideas and enthusiasm!
Thank you for the Nourishment of our Lunches and Suppers in the garden.

                     We are Grateful for the goodness of this earth.
                    Good Holiday Cheer To Each and Everyone!

             Thank you for your many gifts.
                                           Robin, Starla and Susan