September Curriculum

Welcome back!

Third Graders start the year with a huge digital photography unit. Students will go outside and take pictures of our garden. Then they will learn how to download their pictures to iPhoto. They will be able to choose one picture to print. Those pictures will be hanging on the wall so look for them soon! The students will then learn how to make a slide show with the pictures they took, using  Apple Photo. Finally, the students will create their own music to go with the slideshow using Garage Band.

The third graders will also be using Google Classroom a platform that lets me have their assignments and feedback via the Internet.  The students come into the classroom, go right to their computer, and log into Google Classroom. When they have logged in, the instructions for the day will be there. At the end of the day they will be sharing me and each other how the day went.


The students will also learn be reviewing keyboarding, using an online program called Dance Mat Typing.

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