Important Information for Loring Families...

Family Information Line:

The Family Information Line allows families to obtain district information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Families can dial the Family Information Line in one of four languages (Spanish, English, Hmong and Somali) to receive information about district events, school calendar dates, meeting notices, etc. Messages change every two weeks or as needed.

For the latest district news, please call the appropriate number below:

  • (612)668-8800 (Spanish)
  • (612)668-8811 (English)
  • (612)668-8822 (Hmong)
  • (612)668-8833 (Somali)

Loring Visitors:

It is not just Loring policy but Minneapolis Public Schools District Policy (MPS Visits and Volunteers Policy) that ALL guests sign in.  This includes District employees, volunteers, community members and parents and families. During the school day, 8:40 AM—3:10 PM, no matter the purpose of the visit, all guests are required to sign in and obtain a visitor badge (District employees must wear their ID badges).

Drop Off & Pick Up:

School start time is 8:40 AM. Students can be dropped off as early as 8:25 AM for breakfast. There is no supervision for students who are dropped off earlier.

When picking up your child from school, please remember to sign them out in the main office. Use the parking lot on the 45th Avenue side of the school or park west of the playground on 44th Avenue. It is VERY DANGEROUS for students to be crossing between the buses on Sheridan Avenue. Please let students know that they should NOT walk in between the buses to enter the building. Thank you for keeping our students safe! Please be aware that police officers may ticket unsafe crossings.

Our school day ends at 3:10 PM and learning is happening right up to the end of the day. However, we realize there are times when a student needs to be dismissed early. Teachers will not release students from the classroom or playground. Please check in at the office to sign your child out and we will call the classroom to release the student.

Student safety is our primary concern. When picking up your child, we request that you bring your ID and sign out your child in the school office (as we are still getting to know all of our new families). Also, please check your student's backpack daily for notes or forms from school to fill out and return.

Dismissal Change:

If your student needs a different dismissal procedure, please contact the school office BEFORE 2:00 p.m., so the teacher can be notified (and bus pass made, if necessary).

Loring Attendance: 
(MPS Attendance Policy)

Please call by 9:00 AM if your student is absent. The Attendance Line number is (612)668-2066. Leave the student's name and room number. Messages can be left 24 hours a day. Send a note with your student when they return to school with an explanation of the absence for the Health Office to record.  All late students must check into the office before going to class. If your student is tardy or absent due to a doctor or dentist appointment, please bring in a note from the provider's office in order to have the absence excused.

We look forward to having your child with us every day. If for some reason your child misses three or more days and we have not heard from you, you should receive a letter. In the top right hand corner, you will find the number of days your child has missed and also an explanation of our Minnesota State attendance laws. 

Late Arrivals:

Loring start time is 8:40 AM. If your student arrives late they need to check in at the office and get a late pass before going to class, so they are not marked absent in error.

Family Activity Form:

Minneapolis Public Schools Attendance policy expects all students to be in school on time - every day. However, since some families may make vacation plans (especially during the holiday season), MPS will excuse up to five days for family activities. The extended absences of two to five days from school must be pre-approved by the Principal. If you are anticipating an extended absence from school, please print and fill out this Family Activity Form or pick one up from the office. You may also call Ryan Gibbs or Nora Sidle at (612)668-2060. Absences will be marked unexcused if approval is not received at least 10 days prior to departure.

Transportation/Bus Change Requests:

Thank you for your patience in getting new stops. Transportation is overloaded with bus changes at the start of the school year.  Normally new bus changes take effect on Wednesdays, one week after the request. When your request has been completed by Transportation, we will call or send home an envelope with the new information on the Tuesday before the change. Please call (612)668-2066 to request any transportation changes (including changing from Bus to Parent Pick-Up). 

High-5 and Kindergarten students should wear their bus tags every day.

Also, please review bus guidelines in the Loring Family Handbook with your student.

Lunch Money:

Lunch needs to be prepaid one week (or more) in advance. Place money in an envelope and write the students first and last name, room number/teacher name, and the amount enclosed on the outside of the envelope and turn it in to the classroom teacher or to the office. Notifications of overdue accounts will be sent home with students. For complete information regarding school meals, please visit MPS Nutrition Services.

Health & Wellness:

MPS Regulation 6690C restricts teachers from having food in the classroom for celebrations. Both students and staff may have food (life-threatening) allergies or sensitivities. To help all remain healthy, please contact your child's teacher or the Health Office or view the Health & Wellness section of our webpage regarding classroom celebrations. 

Winter Weather / School Closings:

Tune into WCCO Radio (830 AM) or local television stations for information regarding school closings. School closing information will also be posted on both the Loring and MPS websites. The decisions to close schools occur before 6:00 AM. Please plan accordingly. The school office does not open until 8:30 AM.

Winter Recess:

Our students go out for a 12-15 minute recess daily. If the temperature is zero degrees or lower, the students will have indoor recess. Please remind your child to dress warmly with hats, mittens and boots all winter long.

Extra change of clothes:

The Health office has very few clothes to lend out when students need a change of clothes. We ask families of High-5 through second grade students to please send an extra complete change of clothes to keep in your student’s locker. Please label all pieces with the name of your student – Thanks!


All volunteers who attend field trips or work with students in the building need to fill out a two-page form (or date and initial if you already have one on file) and watch a short video before working with students as per our new district guidelines: MPS Visits & Volunteers Policy. Volunteers also need to sign in and out in the Volunteer Book each time they visit our school and wear an ID badge while they are here. Thanks in advance for your help as we promote a secure environment for our school. For a complete list of volunteer opportunities, please view:

Soup labels, Box Tops, Kemps and Land O' Lakes milk plastic caps:

We continue to collect these items as a means of raising funds for our programs. Please save them and send them to school with your child. Another wonderful program that helps our school is Target Red Card. If you use a Target Red Card, you can identify Loring Community School to receive fundraising dollars based on the amount of your purchases. For a complete list of programs and items to collect, please view: