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Gardeners Sow Seeds and Cultivate Friendships
Children Learn to Grow Their Own Food
Neighborhood Chickens
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Throughout the summer children from the school, playground and community gather on Mondays to tend to the garden while learning life lessons.  1st and 2nd grade children learn from 4th and 5th graders.  We work together sowing seeds, watching a flower grow into our food!  Children harvest these vegetables to make a picnic.  After lunch, children write in garden journals and create art. 

Other gardeners are the neighborhood families that volunteer to water, weed and harvest from the garden each week. 

Robin Krause

Loring Schoolyard Garden needs families to water.  Choose a week this summer to water the vegetables, flowers and trees..

Our garden needs a writer to create stories for elementary aged children.  Come to the garden, observe and listen.  Go home, write and share the experience.  Next year Loring students will read these stories in their classroom.

Looking for a carpenter to help us build bird houses, make signs and construct sustainable learning stations.
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robin teachingI hope you are enjoying these beautiful days of summer!   My favorite days have been Mondays in Loring Schoolyard Garden.  Each Monday I have been joined by 20 children, 5 volunteers, a teacher and appreciative parents.  These days begin with a lesson on gardening, nutrition and life!  The lessons lead to gardening, weeding, watering and planting more seeds.  While gardening, children snack on leaves of Swiss chard, spinach and beet greens and share stories.  These stories can be heard in many languages.

Come over this summer for a stroll through the garden, a class, lunch or picnic.  A day with the children will be a day you remember!
robin krause
Flowers become Food

Seeds sprout, flower and fruit
Neighborhood Chickens
Potluck Picnics