Kids Cook Classroom 

Summer in the Garden 

Planting Watering Composting Weeding Harvesting Cooking


Lessons in the Garden,  

in the Kitchen, and
around the Table.


This spring students and teachers planted Loring Schoolyard Garden with Kids Cook Classroom Volunteers.  First through 5th grade students enjoyed planting seeds, "digging in the dirt" discovering worms, and enjoyed "just being" outside.  In April we planted peas, carrots, radish, lettuce and spinach.  Seeds were planted in the Bean and Cabbage Patch.  Children learned to transplant seedlings in the Pepper Patch and Three Sisters Garden. 

The first tender lettuce leaves and herbs were served at school picnics in the garden.   Loring Community School received a grant through Minneapolis School District.  This grant sponsored 3 school picnics that families attended during the school year.  We'll host 3 more picnics this summer. 

At the picnics families participate in garden workshops and cooking demonstrations.  Our Kids Cook Volunteers lead workshops on composting, weeding and watering.  Together we learn to make some of Kids Cook Classroom favorite recipes that are served for our potluck picnic.
Girls Cooking in the GardenVegetable Peeler Slaw

Kids Cook Classroom summer activities begin this Monday in Loring Schoolyard Garden.  This summer we'll have 3 family gardening days and 4 summer school days with observing and learning. 


On family days a parent, older sibling or neighbor are invited to bring children to the garden activities.  Ride your bike, or walk to the garden for fresh air, healthy food, cooking and gardening lessons.  Teachers and a busload of children will come to summer school days.   


As children gather in the garden they'll observe bees and butterflies dancing around the flowers forming.  You'll meet our neighborhood chickens, "The Three Hens'.   We'll cook eggs for breakfast or bake biscuits and honey. Children will harvest flowers that have formed fruits, and make their lunch.  Each week Kids Cook Classroom volunteers will teach lessons that connect the garden to our table.


Join us for a class or potluck picnic.  For a picnic bring a bunch of grapes, a pint of Minnesota grown strawberries, a favorite salad, salsa or slaw.  We'll serve your dish and the recipes that we make together.  Families will gather at the table for good food and conversation.   



Happy summer,




Summer Activities


Family Garden Days

June 20th and 27th 

August 8th

10:00 to 1:00

Garden Observation and Harvest
Fishing, Cooking and Lunch


Summer School Days


July 11th, 18th and 25th 

August 1st 

10:00 to 1:00

Lessons in the Garden

Harvest and Prepare Lunch 


Family Nights in the Garden

Monday June 20th and 27th   

Sunday July 24th   


Games and Activities:  5:00 to 6:00

Garden Workshops:  5:00 to 6:00

Cooking Demonstrations:  5:30 to 6:30


 Potluck Picnic:  6:30 to 8:00 



Save the Date

Kids Cook Classroom Fund Raiser

Picnic and Pie Auction

Sunday, August 14th at 5:00








      Join us in the Garden for Celebrations of Summer  

Monday, June 20th   

Students will teach their families to make some of Kids Cook Favorite recipes.  You'll sample Smashed Pea Spread on Toast and learn to make a Peach Noodle Salad with Peas and Bok Choy.  

Monday, June 27th

We'll make Spring Rolls with lettuce and mint from the garden and cucumbers and carrots from the market. 

Sunday, July 24th

Guest Chef in the Garden

Sunday, August 14th

Pie Auction

Fruit Pies from the Orchard baked by children will be sold.