Kids Cook Classroom and Loring Schoolyard Garden

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It's spring and this week children planted seeds in their schoolyard garden. One day each week, volunteers come to Loring Community School and plant a garden with elementary students and their teachers. This week we planted peas and lettuce, next week radish, spinach and carrots. 

By the end of May every child will plant a seed or a seedling in the Pepper or Cabbage Patch, Three Sisters Garden or Orchard. 

By the end of school, students will sample a tender lettuce leaf, a spicy radish, or a crisp pea fresh from the garden beds.

In the summer, children from the neighborhood, park and school will come to the garden to learn, to play, be nourished and nurtured.

Root Vegetable Illustrations
Springtime Roots and Leaves
Lessons in the Garden, in the Kitchen and around the Table...           

While students wait for their seeds to sprout, Kids Cook Classroom Volunteers teach lessons that connect the garden to our table.
 Children sample the seeds that are inside peas before they plant.  Students taste berries and orchard fruits while they transplant raspberry canes and strawberry runners.

This week a neighborhood family brought their three hens to the garden for children to observe and adore.
Every classroom was invited for a Loring Schoolyard Garden Tour and to sample a farm fresh egg sprinkled with mint and chives.

While leaves, flowers and fruits form, take more walks in nature, sing more songs, and gather at your table with food that your family cooks together.

Happy Spring,
Robin, Starla and Susan

Classroom Lessons and Activities

Calendar of Events 2011


Lessons in the Garden 

April 25th

May 2nd

May 16th

May 23rd

Family Day in the Garden 

   May 9th

  Garden Workshops  3:00 to 6:00

Kids Cook Classroom Picnic  6:00 to 7:00


            After School Enrichment

     April 25th, May 2nd, 16th and 23rd


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Kids Cook Classroom Fund Raiser
Picnic and Pie Auction

Sunday, August 14th at 5:00  



Join us in the garden for our Salad Day.

On Monday, May 23rd, at 12:00 to 1:00,

4th grade students will make and serve lunch in the garden
with the parts of the plant that we eat. 

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