Welcome to Room 201!

Room 201 Families- 

I'm excited to begin our year together.  Although I wish we were together for our learning, I know we'll all do our best to build a community of learners as we work together. 

These first few weeks are going to be all about making sure we're connected, understanding SeeSaw and Google Classroom, and getting to know one another.  Our schedule will follow the time frame below, but our literacy and math units will come after we learn the tools we'll be using and I get to know my students.  During the literacy and math "rotation" times, I will be setting up small groups and touching base with families individually to check in and problem solve. 

Please contact me with any questions or concerns so I can address them right away. 

email: Linda.Siverson-Hall@mpls.k12.mn.us

phone: 612-405-0370   (call or text) 


Room 201 Schedule: 

9:30-9:55 Moring Meeting

10:00-10:30 Literacy Instruction Whole Group

10:30-11:30 Rotations: small group instruction, daily practice, Lexia Core 5

11:30-12:30   Lunch and Recess 

12:30-1:25      Specialist Classes:  Monday- Technology,  Tuesday- Music,  Wednesday PE,  Thursday- Art, Friday is CHOICE! 

1:30-1:50. Math Instruction Whole Group

1:50-2:30 Rotations  small group instruction, daily practice, Dreambox 

2:30-3:00  Science, Social Studies, Project, Writing.... 

3:00-3:15   Closing Meeting/Check In

I will be available most days between 8am-9:30am unless I am in meetings, 11:30-1:30, and after 3:30pm. I will do my best to respond to emails and calls within the school day I receive them.  

Literacy Support at home...

*Encourage your child to read printed text (off screen) for at least 20 minutes each day.

*Read with your child

*Read to your child

*Model reading for your child.... 

Math Support at home.... 

* Practice Addition and math facts from 1-20.  Students developing automaticity with these skills have an easier time as math problems become more complex. Flashcards and math games really help this. 

* Practice telling time on an analog clock... they still need to know this skill in a digital world. 

* Skip count with your child. Count by 2s, 3s, 5s or 10s.  Need more of a challenge?  Try 6s....7s....9s.  This builds number sense and helps them with their multiplication facts. (this is coming!) 

* Ask real life story problems.  Like:  There are 5 of us that want a DQ treat.  We have $20 to spend.  What is the most each person can spend if we spend evenly?  Does that include tax?  What is a "tax"?  (Now you are working on economics too! ) 

* Cooking is a great way to expose kids to measurements.  Is 1/2 more or less than 1/4?  Which is bigger?- a teaspoon or a table spoon.   How many pints in a quart? quarts in a gallon?  

* Elapsed Time.... .  "If it is 4:30 now and we need to leave in 1 1/2 hours, what time do we need to leave?  

* Please work with your child to ensure they have memorized their home address and phone number.  

You can email me at: 


Or call me at



* Check out the Loring Family Facebook page for more events and dates! 









PDF Written Response template- Fiction and NonFiction   --  templates for students to use in response to their reading at home.
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