Loring Community School is happy to share that the Loring Light Rail will run on Fridays again this fall and spring! 

To improve student health, raise academic achievement, build community, and foster environmental awareness, every Friday all students who ride the buses will begin their day with a half mile walk to school. Too big to be called a walking bus, we call our weekly walk the Loring Light Rail.

Beginning Friday, September 21st, all bus riders will be dropped off at Victory Memorial Drive and Knox, where they will be met by Loring staff. Students will follow the walking path to Sheridan Avenue where they will turn left to school. Along the route, students will be supervised by school staff and supported by the school patrol and parent volunteers.

Walkers and parents who usually drive their children are invited to meet us at the starting point at 8:20 a.m. Please park away from 45th/Victory Memorial Drive and Knox so you will not block the school bus drop-off zone.

All students who ride the school bus will be included in this program. There is nothing further you must do. The Loring Light Rail will run every Friday this fall beginning Friday, September 21st until November 30, 2018.   It will resume in the Spring, and run through the end of the school year. If you have questions or do NOT want your student to participate in this activity, please contact Nancy Duwenhoegger (Ms. D), physical education teacher, at 612.668.2060 or nancy.duwenhoegger@mpls.k12.mn.us by Thursday, September 14th.

Loring School is committed to student wellness and achievement.  The Friday walk to school will give students a concentration boost that will last more than half the school day. Furthermore, students who engage in physical activity see gains in achievement and attendance.  Best of all, I believe your child will really enjoy walking to school with friends, classmates, staff, and parents every Friday on the Loring Light Rail.

Loring Light Rail / Maiden Voyage - October 4, 2013