March/April 2009
Loring Schoolyard Garden outdoor classroom lessons have begun!   Students and their teachers are planting seeds, cultivating garden beds and learning life lessons together.
robin teaching
egg carten seedlings

These peas will grow into a crisp salad, spring rolls or onion pancakes filled with spinach, radish, mint and other cool weather vegetables.   Visit our kitchen and garden classrooms and meet Robin and Starla Krause, Susan Telleen and 350 kindergarten through 5th grade students that are the cooks and gardeners in the Loring Schoolyard Garden.   

Other Kids Cook Volunteers are Tyrra Johnson, Nicole Eikenberry and photographer, Regina Murphy.
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in the garden.....
boy with seedlingsThese days are filled with fresh air, exercise, fun and learning.  Students and their families come into the garden to plant, spread compost and mulch to create new garden spaces.

Join us between 10:00 and 3:00.

April 3rd  Planting of cool weather crops.

May 4th    Mulch and tree planting.

On work days, we invite you to Loring Schoolyard Garden for  a picnic lunch made by the Kids Cook Classroom.

in the classroom and garden.....
Kindergarten through 5th grade students learn about the life cycle of a plant, what a plant needs to grow and the parts of the plant that we eat!  These integrated garden lessons are taught each Friday between 9:00 and 3:00.  Lessons in April include composting and recycling to honor Earth Day and trees and nesting to honor Arbor Day.  Lessons in May include making a classroom lunch!

March 20th & 27th

April 17th & 24th

May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th
About kidscookclassroom
Three women, passionate about cooking and gardening volunteered and  began this program at Loring Community School.  Kids Cook Classroom unites students, staff, and volunteers in lessons that mix together science, math, reading,
cooking, gardening, nutrition and nature.
2600 44th Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412