Tips For Helping Your Student With Math 
by Audrey Murray

Try to see math from your student's perspective.  Ask questions that require explanation:

  • Prove that to me.
  • How do you know that?
  • Why?
  • What if...?
  • Show me another way.
  • Show that you value alternative strategies.
  • Give equal time to addition and subtraction.
  • My answer is different. Let's share our strategies and see if we can find out why we have different answers.
  • Be at peace with the fact that some people are never able to memorize math facts for the long term.
  • What you say about your own math experience has a powerful influence on your student positively AND negatively.
  • Don't be afraid to say, I don't know. Let's find out and we will learn it together.

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Reading Tips and Strategies
by Susan Enerson

You can help your child by:
  • reading to your child every day
  • listening to your child read every day
  • talking about good stories (books, TV shows, real life)
  • asking good questions: “Why do you think that?

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