kidscookclassroom May/June 2009
outdoor classroom
making compost
Students at Loring Community School learn to compost and make healthy soil in their outdoor classroom.  This mixture of one third fruit and vegetable peels, one third dried leaves and paper, and one third grasses blended with air and water will become rich soil for the Loring Schoolyard Garden.  Compost will continue to be made with cores, stems, and leaves  from classroom lunches and pot luck picnics!
Make a reservation and join us  for a classroom lunch.

Students will make a picnic lunch inspired by the garden
             May 15th, 22nd, 29th and June 5th.
Sample a salad grown in a pot or plot, and other recipes
made with peas, radish, mint, chives and spring onions.

          The Dessert will be filled with rhubarb,
               the drink, scented with herbs.

Gather around the Kids Cook table at noon 
        and stay for a garden lesson.
Contact Robin at kidscookclassroom@gmail.com

weed pizza

Workdays in the garden each Monday
June 15th, 22nd and 29th.

Workdays are from 10:00 until 3:00.

 A picnic lunch will be made and served to all gardeners.

Yes, I would like to work with children and volunteer in the garden this summer.....................

Contact us at  kidscookclassroom@gmail.com.
Seeds are sprouting and plants are growing in the Loring Schoolyard Garden.  With each day of warmth and sunshine teachers and their students come into the garden, and observe buds on newly planted trees while they awaken their senses. 
On Fridays, Kids Cook volunteers join the classrooms and teach nature's lessons in the garden, orchard and prairie. The children continue to plant seeds and tend to their garden beds.
Loring students hope that you can come to the garden for a walk, lunch, or classroom visit. 
We await summer for our
garden pot luck picnics!                                      

With a Kids Cook Smile,
robin krause

wiggly worms
Red Wigglers create healthy soil!
Kindergarten to 5th grade students investigated red wiggler worms and their cocoons.  " Worms at work" will aerate and add nutrient rich castings to the soil.


Edible Weeds and Greens Flatbread

Students thinned radishes, beets, and arugula greens, and picked dandelions to make this flatbread.

Simply spread focaccia or flatbread with pesto.
Top with a mixture of organic edible weeds and greens.
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and drizzle with olive oil.
Bake for 5 to 7 minutes to wilt greens.


Mark your calendar for garden pot luck picnics.

The picnics are on Sundays at 5:00.
June 7th and 21st, July 5th and 19th,
August 4th, National Night Out at 6:00,
August 16th at 5:00

Bring your family, a healthy recipe to share and your appetite!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412

photography by Regina Murphy