August 16, 2018

Dear Loring Community,

Welcome back to another exciting year of learning and adventure at Loring School. We have so many wonderful changes occurring as well as some very exciting academic updates that I’d like to share with you. Our theme as a school this year is Honor. It’s so important to take time to honor each other, our community and our scholars. I want to focus on celebrating our successes and strengths as a community. What we put our focus on is where we’ll see our greatest impact. I believe that when we focus on honoring each other we’ll see a positive ripple effect across all different systems in our world. I don’t want anyone to have to check their identity when walking through the doors at Loring. I want our community to practice cultural humility so that we can better understand each other, our cultures and how we can help each other achieve our goals. This is a key way that we will honor each other this year at Loring Community School.


Construction Updates:

  • After looking at many different options, the community/planning team along with the contractor went with the safest and most secure plan for Loring.  Our goal as a planning team was to create a safe and welcoming entrance to Loring.  This option includes removing the beautiful tree by the playground.  The district and contractors assured me that we will replace the tree as well as other tree’s that have died on our grounds.  
  • We will be removing the fence along the back parking lot.  They will be keeping the section where we have the bees.  
  • There will be a construction fence going up starting to the left side of the sidewalk by door 9(playground entrance) in the next few weeks.  The contractor we’re working with have a lot of experience working with schools and they have found that big changes like fencing off area’s in the middle of the year can actually cause more angst for people than having it up to start the year.  The fence will secure the perimeter making it safer while they remove the tree and the concrete surrounding the current warming room this summer.  Tree removal and concrete removal is much easier when the ground is thawed versus waiting until next spring.  We will be able to use that entrance until March of 2019.
  • The construction fence will go along the gym side of the building surrounding the basketball courts.  The courts will still be able to be used throughout the fall.  This also allows the contractor to monitor the community use/interest in the fence to ensure that it is safe and that people are unable to get into the area.   The construction shouldn’t impact any of our garden/Kidscook activities.  Kids will be using the doors on the right and left side of the garden to go to and from recess and we’ll be able to continue to use door #9 through March.  
  • The office and air conditioning will be completed by the end of next summer.  The 2019/2010 school year will have a new safe and secure entrance and air conditioning throughout the building.  They’re going to do the lunchroom upgrade last.  So, the bulk of the work will be done March-August next year with minimal impact to our scholars, families and staff.  


Staffing Updates: For an updated list of all the staff at Loring along with their biographies please go to our web page at

Here are the new staff members joining our team:

• Alice Kos – 5th Grade

• Elizabeth Beck – 5th Grade

• Angela Bailey – 4th Grade

• Christine Roiland – 3rd Grade

• Gail Blosberg – Special Education Teacher

• Beth Murphy – Special Education Teacher

• Ann Wilson-Dodson – Special Education Assistant

• Amy Andrzejewski – Speech Clinician 

• Kelli Johnson – Speech Clinician

• Kathleen Stewart – Nurse

• Mariah Messer – Community Education

Academic Successes:

Loring had some of the highest academic growth on the Northside last year in reading and mathematics. Our proficiency in reading went up 2%. Our mathematics proficiency went down 2% but our overall growth in math was accelerated. It takes multiple years of accelerated growth to impact proficiency. If you have a student performing two or more years behind grade level they will need multiple years of accelerated growth to progress towards proficiency. Accelerated growth is when a student shows over a years worth of academic growth in one year. Typical growth is making a year’s worth of gains each year.

Open House:

Our open house will be on Thursday, August 24th from 2:00-4:00 here at Loring School. You child will receive their classroom assignments at that time. To accommodate families who cannot make the 2:00-4:00 time period we will be keeping the office open until 6:00 to help register and welcome new families. I also encourage all of our families to consider heading over to the Patrick Henry Community Welcome Back BBQ from 5:00-7:00. This will be an evening of bringing our community together to celebrate the start of another amazing year of learning. If you have any busing or registration questions please contact Romina Hiti or Noy Sithiphong in our office and they can help support you. The main office number is 612-668-2060.

Thank you all for your continued love and support for our Loring Community School.

In Peace,

Ryan Gibbs

Loring Community School

“We are ALL here, ALL the time, for ALL children!