Ready Set Smile is a dental service offered at Loring School. The goal of this program is to help children grow-up free of dental decay. All children should be empowered to live a healthy lifestyle by understanding the importance of good choices.

The program at Loring will have three components:

  1. A curriculum on oral health for Loring students....4 short hands-on lessons for each class, age appropriate and based on science.
  2. On-site preventive dental services for families who wish to have their children served in school. Services will include an oral health evaluation, cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments.
  3. A simple screening of all children to determine the level of oral health in the school....much like vision and hearing screenings. We hope to demonstrate an improvement in the oral health of the student population with each school year.

If your child is identified as having dental needs outside the scope of what can be done in the school, we will refer you to a clinic of your choice. We will work with you on a convenient referral and applying for insurance coverage.

Registration forms are available in the main office or through your child's teacher. You will need to fill out a health history and review our HIPAA policy to receive in-school treatment. The service is not free. We do accept all insurance programs. But if you have any financial concerns, we will work with you. No child will be left-out because of expense. Scholarships are available.

Ready Set Smile staff will be at the school teaching, assessing the oral health of the population and serving students. We look forward to partnering with your community as a resource and service for the comprehensive well-being of your children. We are always available to answer your questions.