Robin Rescue 2009

On December 14th, during my 2nd Grade reading group, my students and I heard a loud thump on the large window in the Media Center.  We discovered that a bird had flown into the window, and was lying in the snow in the Loring Schoolyard Garden below. 

At first the students thought that this was pretty funny and started to laugh, until I told them that every living creature in this world is special, and we should never laugh at their pain or misfortune. 

After that I just couldn't stop thinking about the poor bird.  I was positive that it hadn't survived, but I had to make sure for myself - just in case it was still alive.  I walked over to the garden after my first recess duty, and much to my surprise, the bird was alive - a beautiful female robin sitting in the snow.  I quickly grabbed a nearby flower pot and scooped up the cold and frightened bird and gently placed her in the pot.  I asked Mrs. Bohn if she would cover my next lunch, so I could drive the robin to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center located in Golden Valley (inside the Humane Society building).  I had taken injured birds and ducks there before, so I knew that this was the right thing to do.  I also felt that this would be a wonderful example to set for the children at Loring School.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation staff was great.  They told me that since the robin's weight was good, she had a good chance of survival, as long as her injuries weren't too severe. They also told me that I could check back with them to find out the results of her exam and their plan for her future release to the wild.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc. is a wonderful organization, and we're very lucky to have them in our area.  Please keep them in mind if you ever come across an orphaned or injured bird or animal.  Thank you.
~Donna Uggla~

I am pleased to say that I just received good news from Laura at the WRR.  Our robin recovered beautifully and was released back to the wild at Loring School on Friday the 18th to join her other robin friends.  I walked by the Loring Schoolyard Garden on Sunday the 20th and spotted a couple of robins flying overhead.  We wish them well on their journey south.