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Kids Cook and Ski at Loring

December, 2009                                                                           Second Issue
in this issue
Theodore Wirth Park Soon to Make Man-Made Snow
Students Build Their Muscles and Add Endurance
Pump up Your Iron
3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are getting ready to ski!
Students have been fit for boots and poles and we've tried on skis.   Now we wait for the snow to fly!   With Nordic Ski Foundation Coaches, Kids Cook Volunteers and the Loring Physical Education teacher, students are learning about what will help their bodies become "fit for skiing and more fit for life!"

Basic Training to practice at home
"Inhale slowly.....and Exhale, feel your body fill with fresh air".
Breathing is important in everyday life.  Breathing deeply helps to remove stress, supplies oxygen to your cells, improves your immune system and helps you focus.
Drink water to keep your body healthy.  Water helps transport nutrients to your cells, hydrates your skin, regulates your body temperature, and rids your body of waste.  Drink 8 glasses of water each day.  Drink water instead of fruit juice or pop.
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, try to eat "a rainbow of color".
......Apples, Pears, Cranberries, Pomegranate and Grapefruit
Orange.................Carrots, Pumpkins, Squash, Oranges and Apricots
Yellow......... Bananas, Pears, Pineapple and Lemons
Green....Broccoli, Celery, Leafy Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard, Avocados and Limes
Blue................. Fresh or Frozen Berries and Plums
Purple....... Beets, Cabbage, Grapes, Eggplant and Onions
These foods are filled with vitamin C and iron, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron.

 Exercise and Explore the Parks and Trails
  Ski instructors and Coaches John Swain and Jonathon Miller encourage students to                                                          Go Outside, Run, and Play.
                                The outdoors is your playground year-round in Minnesota.    playground  Skiers train their bodies all year round by doing a wide      
variety of activities, and the students are experiencing some of these while we wait for Mother Nature to kick in.
Did you know?  There are over 40 locations with cross-country ski trails within 25 miles of Loring School.  These trails collectively offer over 400 km. of ski trails to explore. 
Theodore Wirth Park has a 2.5 km. trail that will soon have man-made snow to ski on!  Wirth Park is just 3 miles from Loring School. Go out and explore the parks and trails.

Students are Building Endurance
Obstacle CourseThis week during ski class we worked on dry land exercises to improve our breathing and muscles.  The games and teamwork play an important part in learning to ski.
An obstacle course challenged us to run through hurdles, hula hoops and zigzag around cones.  We learned that focus, follow-through and endurance are more important than speed.
At the end of each class, Ms. Duwenhoegger told her students,                                  "Think Snow!"
 Practice your Balance at Home, Play one-legged Freeze Ta
Hop on One Leg, Stop and Shake Your Legs, Hop on Other Leg!

Pump Up You Iron with Good Nutrition
new_eggI   Iron Increases Your Energy level and Brain Power  
R  Resistance to Disease and Stress.
O  Oxygen is supplied to your Muscles through Iron
Nuts provides lots of Iron.
   Scramble, Bake or Fry an Egg, Serve on leafy greens.
Eat Soy Beans, Pinto and Black Beans to get Iron.
Cooked Spinach, Kale and Dark Greens are rich in Iron.
Eat eggs, fish and lean red meats for the essential mineral.