kidscookclassroom September  Newsletter
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Bee Lessons
Heirloom seeds and Heritage
Loring Schoolyard Garden Days
Bees forage on flowers

In Loring Schoolyard Garden bees sample nectar from violet to blue,  yellow and white flowers.

Students learn that violet colored flowers produce the most nectar, the sweet juice that honey bees use to make honey. 







This September melons are ripening

in the orchard while squash and
corn are ready to be picked in the
Native American Three Sisters Garden.
Children have to be patient as they
watch melons grow.  They know that
melons and winter squash are not ripe until the stem is dry.

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Kids Cook Classroom has been recognized by the Children's Defense Fund as 2009 Kids Count, Stars of the State.

Loring Community School, Kids Cook Classroom and City of Lakes Loppet received a Medica Grant for Health and Wellness, Nutrition and Exercise.  Kids Cook will teach nutrition and cooking classes for students during the cross country ski season.

girls laughingIt has been a great summer in Loring Schoolyard Garden.  More than 350 children gardened, harvested and cooked throughout the summer.  Over 500 children and their families gathered for our Kids Cook Classroom Potluck Picnics.
We shared good food, great conversation and participated in games.  Children harvested vegetables and happily sampled them for the first time.  They played hide and go seek between the sunflower stalks.and picking vegetables became a treasure hunt.  We all talked, laughed and played together while many new relationships were made.

This is the first week of school and we look forward to Fridays in the garden.  Today students will meet a beekeeper.  Next week students will learn about heirloom seeds and share stories of their heritage.  As the season changes we will collect seeds, gather leaves and observe the complete plant cycle. 

Think of us in the garden  under the Corn Moon.  We will harvest corn, tomatoes, peppers and squash.  Children will toast seeds, and roast squash for their simple classroom fare. 

With gratitude for each season,

robin krause

Corn Moon Harvest

Salads of Beets and Carrots, Corn and Quinoa and Cabbage Slaw tossed together in the garden.
5th anniversery cake

Every fruit and vegetable picked in the garden is tossed into a salad, made into a sandwich or soup for a classroom lunch. 

Simply pull some Roots,
Beets and Carrots, wash and thinly slice.  Add a finely chopped red onion, a sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Squeeze with lime and a drizzle of honey.  Toss and Serve.


Meet Susan, Tyrra, Nicole, Robin, Hanna and Charlie.

Starla is cooking with the children while we are relaxing and enjoying one of the many great picnic lunches made by the kids, our cooks and gardeners during the summer.

 September School Days
                  Classroom Lessons in the Garden
                                  9:00 to 12:00
                        Classroom Picnic Lunch
                                  1:00 to 2:00 

                               September 4th
                               September 11th
                               September 18th
                               September 25th

                 October 1st  Apple Tasting and Sensory Class
                 October 2nd  Gardening and Harvest Day

Contact Robin to make a reservation and join us for a classroom lesson and lunch.

2600 44th Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412

photography by Regina Murphy