Kids Cook and Ski at Loring
Skiers in the Loppet CrowdThe Finish Line Loring Students gather with their coach, Jonathon Miller and Loring staff member, Donna Uggla at the City of Lakes Loppet.  On Tuesday, February 16th the students who participated in the Cross-country ski classes  will celebrate the Loppet ski event with their family and teachers, City of Lakes Nordic Ski Coaches and Medica.
Kids Cook and Ski at Loring
Cross-Country Ski Banquet
February, 2010                                                                                  Sixth Issue
Cross-Country Ski Loppet Highlights
Kids Cook Classroom plans and prepares the Celebration Banquet.
The Menu
To the Coaches, Teachers and Families
The City of Lakes Loppet was filled with skiing, fun, and new experiences.  The snow, the day and the ski event were perfect!  28 Loring students and their parents, brothers and sisters road the bus to Uptown.  We were greeted by thousands of cross-country skiers, snow sculptures, and perfectly groomed trails right in the heart of Uptown.  Minneapolis felt like a ski resort and village!

Students help prepare the meal for the Loring Skis Celebration Banquet
Kids Love to CookThe stock is made for Root Vegetable Curry, French Baguettes and Fennel Loaves of Bread are baked and in the freezer.  Layers of white cake and coconut cake are ready to be decorated with snow. 
Loring students cooked and baked this week to prepare for the feast dinner next Tuesday.
Kids Cook volunteers and students will make and serve this appreciation supper for the Medica Foundation and the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation.  
Join the festivities at Loring School on February 16th, 5:30 to 7:00!
Follow the ice candles to lead you by the garden and into the doorway of the school.
Gather in the school cafeteria for the Banquet and Kids Cook and Ski at Loring Parade.
Between 5:30 and 5:45 families will Meet the "Team of Nordic Coaches and Staff".
At 5:45, the parade begins with the 28 Skiers that participated in the Loppet!
Dinner at 6:00.  Slide presentation by the City of Lakes Nordic Ski Foundation.
Certificates of Completion will be given while we eat the Celebration Cake!

The Root, Stem, Leaf, Flower, Fruit and Seeds are on the Menu.
                                  Cucumber Yogurt Dip with Flatbread
                                       Toasted Garbanzo Beans
                                   Root Vegetable Curry over Rice
                                       Cumin Rubbed Drumsticks
Carrots are the Roots in the Curry, while Celery and Herbs are the Stems and Leaves.
Flowers of Cauliflower and Seeds of Spiced Garbanzo Beans top the curry. 
This menu is filled with good flavor, aroma and nutrition.
Make a reservation for this Banquet,
Call Robin at 612.522.0313 or email kidscookclassroom@gmail.com

familyThanks to All!
Kids Cook Classroom volunteers say thank you to the City of Lakes Nordic Ski  Foundation and Medica for giving Loring students this wonderful season of learning and adventure.  We are inspired to continue the lessons that connect good nutrition and physical exercise to good health.  We will encourage students to ski and spend more time outside walking or playing in the snow!  We look forward to spring and cultivating the friendships that we began, gliding through the snow, in the Loring Schoolyard Garden.   Eat well, Exercise and Do Good Work!

Loring Schoolyard Garden classes will begin after Spring Break.