Thank-you Ms. Mauren & Angel 2011


Cindy Mauren,

I would like to send you my thanks to Angel.  Although the letters sent to us are dated back on January 28th, and it’s probably a new school year, they did make it to a soldier as intended.  If you could let her and the rest of the class know that we thank them so much for the time they spent writing us and letting us know that they are thinking of us.  It means the World to some of us, and I want them to understand that.  I am a father or three children myself.  Destinee – 9, Madison – 3, and John –2.  Thank you to you as well for making this part of the school day!!! 

Now for Angel...
Angel, thank you so much for your letter.  It sounds like you really enjoy the school you're going to.  Sounds like the garden is beautiful there.  I have a daughter a little older then you named Destinee and it would be nice if she enjoyed cleaning and doing dishes as much as you do.  I like basketball too, but I REALLY like football.  A little about me.  I am in Kuwait right now. 
SPC John Struemke with Angel's letter...
It is south of Iraq and we’re part of a mission called “Operation New Dawn”.  We’re doing our best to help bring peace to this part of the world that is crying out for it.  They need us really bad, and it’s our duty as good and decent people to help bring them this basic right...the right to freedom!  My name is John Struemke.  I’m 31 and a Specialist in the Minnesota Army National Guard.  I’m with the HHC (Headquarters Headquarters Company) 1/34th (1st Brigade/34th Infantry Division) HBCT (Heavy Brigade Combat Team) Red Bulls.  I know that’s a lot, but it’s easy to remember after awhile.  It’s really hot over here in the desert and it got up to 122 degrees the other day!!!  I took a picture and attached it to this message that hopefully makes it to you.  Thank you so much and say hi to your friends Michelle, Jennifer, Anthony, and Tony for me. God Bless!!!
Thanks Again to all involved,
SPC John Struemke
HHC 1/34th HBCT
Arifjan, Kuwait