LoppetHappy Holidays to you and your family!

Kids Cook and Ski at Loring

Winter Break, 2009                                                                            Third Issue
Skiing in Victory Park at Loring!
Sunday Ski Classes begin at Wirth Park in 2010.
Students Use and Learn about Muscles while they Ski.
Countdown to 2010.
There's fresh snow and Students at Loring are Gliding! 
As students learn to glide, they become aware of their muscles.  They learn that muscles help you do almost everything. 
Cross-Country Skiing is fun, challenging and great exercise!
Skiing at Loring

Let's Go Cross-Country Skiing!
Four Skiers
Looking for skiing opportunities outside of school?  The Wirth Chapter of the Minnesota Youth Ski League (MYSL) is an all-volunteer club that works with children ages 4-15 at Theodore Wirth Park.  The club will meet on eight Sundays from 2:00 pm. to 3:00 pm., beginning on January 3rd, 2010.  This program ends on February 28th, 2010. 
Register on line through MYSL.org or contact MYSL with your questions at 612.920.3458.
Email questions to tom@lindenhills.us. 
A registration fee is normally required, but the Nordic Ski Foundation will work with families needing financial assistance. 
If available, children should come with their own ski equipment.  For Loring students needing assistance with skis to participate in MYSL, please contact program director,
Margaret Adelsman at 612.604.5332.

Skiing Helps to Build our Muscles
Loppet The Diaphragm muscles help you Breathe, the Heart muscle pumps Blood throughout your body.  Other muscles help you Move and help you Ski!  Your Muscles work your Bones to give your body Strength.
There's "Lots of Motion" during our ski classes!  In our classes we have learned how to fall and get up, students rollover on their backs with their legs in the air to untangle skis if they are crossed.  They learn to lay their feet and skis to the side and work their way back to standing.  Skiing teaches Patience and Focus.
Students learn to glide in the snow!  Keeping skis together, we ski through and around cones.  Children are smiling, they are energized and they are learning to ski!
                                                        Down the Hill They Go!

10 Healthy Things to Do with a Countdown to 2010!
Kids Cook and Ski at Loring 
10. Get up and out of Bed.  Stretch, Breathe, Eat Breakfast!
9.  Take time for family meals.  Help in the kitchen, set the table, wash the dishes.
 8 Hydrate.  Drink water, think about foods that hydrate your body.  Soups, Stews,
       and Cider warm your body, while fruits and smoothies, refresh.
 7.  Snack on crisp Vegetables and seasonal Fruits.  Make a healthy Yogurt Dip.
 6.  Ski, Skate, Shovel, Sled, Build a Snowman, Walk in the park. Go outdoors and
       do activities that strengthen your muscles.
 5.  Try to eat foods that provide you with Protein.  5 protein rich foods are
       Macaroni and Cheese, Eggs, Roasted Chicken, Chili, or a Tuna Fish Sandwich.
 4.  Keep a Journal, write down the time you get up and what time you go to bed.
       Note how you feel when you get enough Sleep.
 3. Eat Iron rich foods.  Sprinkle Pumpkin seeds and Nuts on Pasta and Salads.
 2.  Make a Pot of Homemade Soup.
 1. Ski and Warm up with a Cup of Hot Cocoa.